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The Dragon Roars Again!

Dragon Aviation have relaunched two of their most popular PSS/Power scale models. Proprietor, Ray Jones designed both kits in the mid 1980's. Both the Aermacchi MB 339 and the Fouga Magister were an instant success. But, after an adverse reaction to the moulding process, Ray had to give up production.

But now Ray has found a glass fibre fabricator to mould the fuselages, and so Dragon Aviation are now pleased to announce the relaunch of these popular kits. Both aircraft can be flown either from the slope or under power. In fact, Ray says "With the development of small Wren Turbine, these kits could be converted to fly with these latest gas turbines".

Dragon Aviation Aermacchi MB339Aermacchi MB339
The Aermacchi MB 339 with its classic looks is without doubt one of our best sellers. The model can be used as a fine slope soarer (P.S.S.) or powered with 40/61 two strokes either version the model is smooth responsive and predictable (68" span with tanks).

The Kit
This comes in two versions, standard and deluxe. The standard version has everything except the accessories (hinges horns etc.) and the wood aileron stock etc) all standard items and easily obtainable. The fuselage, which incorporates the fin, is constructed from epoxy resin making a light and robust item, the wing root fairings front console and canopy rim are all moulded in saying the builder time. Wings are supplied in foam with obechi skinning, tip tanks, nacelles, canopy and a decal set, cockpit instruments and a template sheet are all supplied in the standard version.

Dragon Aviation Aermacchi MB339The slope version has performed faultlessly with many competition successes to its credit. The E205 wing section works well and will fly in 12/15 M.P.H. winds however, with a servo on each aileron and either a mechanical or electrical mixer incorporated (flapperons) some incredible results can be achieved. Rudder was not used on the prototype glider, however this item was fitted to the power version. A standard 40 engine was used on the power version and this gave a sparkling performance, the model was used with a fixed undercarriage but there is room for the more ambitious to fit retracts with a 46/61 two stroke motor. Flying the MB 339 in either version is a very rewarding affair and most manoeuvres have been carried out with great success. Anyone with a little aileron experience should have no problems, however in experienced hands the model can give a very impressive performance.

Basic controls are elevator and aileron (glider) and elevator aileron and throttle on the power version, rudder flapperons, airbrakes etc. can be added by the builder to choice.

Spares are always available to keep you in the air.

Fouga Magister
The delightful vee-tailed Magister has looks to match its performance, there are two versions slope soarer, (P.S.S.) or power, however customers have purchased the kit to convert to electric and even ducted fan (no details available) 72" span.

Dragon Aviation Fouga MagisterThe Kit
Fibreglass fuselages on both models. However the power version has a separate cowl, manufactured in Epoxy. The wings and tail halves are supplied in obechi skinned foam. And all flying tail plane is used on the soarer version, however an elevator set up is used on the power model. Besides the above items a tail cone, tip tanks, canopy, decals and a template sheet are supplied in the standard kit, the deluxe version includes accessories (hinges, horns etc.) plus pre-cut wood.

The glider version has excellent handling qualities, scale like manoeuvres are possible and with the modified E374 wing section and can be flown in light winds as well as the "usual" howling gales.

The prototype power version used a standard two stroke forty engine, and would do the "book" scale type manoeuvres and quite a turn of speed at full throttle, 46 and 46 four strokes have been used with equal success. No vices were encountered on either version. Besides the basic controls A.M.T. ailerons (glider) elevator aileron, throttle (power) an assortment of auxiliary functions could be used such as ruddervators flap/flapperons/air brakes to suit the builder's requirements.

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