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Boomerang - Jet Trainer

Alan with the BoomerangThe original concept of the Boomerang design was a model which was slower than the available jet trainers, large and easy to see in the air. A model able to take off and land reliably from a rough grass runway and would be an easy to fly jet trainer.

The result by far exceeded the original design idea. This large twin boom model, 8ft span and 8ft. long has turned out to be something quite exceptional. Although it is a large model it breaks down easily to fit into a car. The construction is conventional balsa, ply and light ply, with obeche skinned wings.

It has proved to be capable of advanced aerobatics, a slow speed performance which has to be seen to be believed, and a fair turn of speed flat out. Flown at the British Nationals in 2002 it won the prestigious Windsock Trophy Shield for the best flight of the day on the public display line, and at Florida Jets 2002 won the exceptional performance award, again for its amazing flight performance. Ali Machinchy flew it on both occasions.

It is a pussycat to fly and the perfect first jet trainer powered by an 18 or 27lb. thrust turbine. The prototype used a Jetcat P80, and later a Jetcat P120.

The Boomerang in flightThe kit has been designed for quick and easy building, and although it is a large model and definitely not ARTF, it goes together fast and accurately due to the CNC cut ply, liteply and balsa parts, which all snap together to ensure locations.

It is not necessary to glass the finished model. The original was covered in Profilm. It can be built with or without flaps, as the landings are slow and easy, even without them. Boomerang has quite a glide in the event of a flame out. The landing gear is fixed but with a simple modification (supplied in the kit) retracts can be fitted. Full length hatches allow easy access to all the "works", radio, ECU, turbine and accessories, batteries, tank, etc.

Alan with the BoomerangThe Boomerang will out fly any turbine trainer currently available. You will love its easy handling and "presence" in the air and the good value it represents, knowing that you do not have to buy expensive fuel tanks, landing gear, brakes, or retracts. With a modern turbine that operates on one channel, it could be flown on only 4 channels with Y-leads to ailerons, rudders and steering! It is a very complete kit.

PRICE £495.00 Plus shipping. (Fedex to the USA approx. $150)

"BOOMERANG" Kit By Alan Cardash
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