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New Videos From AVF

The latest offerings from the Dublin based Air Video Fred (AVF) are two video from some two of this year's top events. Firstly a visit to the very popular Wings and Wheels Show held at North Weald airfield every summer. And, secondly Fred returns to the Nordhiem flying site in German. This time he reports from the Ohain Whittle Trophy meeting.

Wings & Wheels 2002
Fred Harno and his team travelled to the south east of England to visit North Weald for the famous Wings and Wheels show. This video is purely for the model aviation enthusiasts
and Fred decided to concentrate his cameras on the flying displays, while ignoring the other side of the show with the model boats and cars.

As always Wings and Wheels is a great day out for all the family and this video reflects the relaxed atmosphere of the show. Fred's camera guides us around with a front row seat for all the major displays.

The Ghost Squadron ran the flight line and regularly displayed their large aircraft, including the B17's.

As standard, with all AVF's videos, all the important information is displayed via captions, as these videos carry no commentary, other thanks the dulcet tones of Dave Bishop in the background.

Running Time: 55min.
Format: VHS (PAL)
(Other formats available)


Ohain - Whittle Trophy 2002
The Ohain - Whittle Trophy was the first event in Germany to concentrate purely on turbines since 1996. Held at the beautiful Nordheim flying site, this event attracted the all the top jet pilots and engineers, including Kurt Schreckling, considered by most to be the father of model turbines.

Both Oliver Whiten and the family of Pabst von Ohain, pioneers of jet propulsion gave their support to and encouragement to the organisers of the event.

Pilots at the meeting exchange news and know how and this year's festival was no exception. Turbine technology and all the legal and insurance updates are covered by the traditional Saturday night lectures.

This year Kurt Schreckling gave a lecture on his technical and practical developments since his first successful flight with his own turbine. The development of the turboprop engine was also covered and a display of the WREN turboprop operating on a test rig always drew large crowds.( A full test run of the WREN appears at the end of this tape).

On the display line we are treated to fantastic display from both the current World Champion Stephen Voelker and the German Champion, Thomas Gleissner.

So, if you're into turbines and want to watch the best in the world from the comfort of your armchair then this tape is well worth the money. The presentation of this tape is up to AVF's usual standard with all information displayed in the form of captions.

Running Time: 85min + WREN test run and interviews taking it to a total of 1h 55m.
Format: VHS (PAL)
Code: V1006
(Other formats available)

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Prices: App. Euro 20.29

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