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Stunning New References For The Scale Modeller

SE5 / SE5a SquadronsSE5/SE5a Squadrons
Author: Les Rogers
New from the publishers of the renowned magazine 'Windsock International' is a stunning reference on the Squadrons of one of the most successful and famous fighters of the First World War, the SE 5 and SE5a.

The Royal Aircraft Factory's SE5 and SE5a have both been well documented in Albatros Productions Dataflile and Datafile Special series with scale drawings, airframe close-ups, camouflage details and more. But this title, which is the first of a new range, concentrates exclusively on the aeroplanes' unit markings.

Author Les Rogers has been studying the RFC, RNAS and RAF squadron heraldry for over 40 years and now brings together his extensive knowledge and archive database to present this unit by unit coverage of this famous fighter. The book is lavishly illustrated with scores of rare photos, new colour profiles by Ray Rimell and beautiful cover art by Brian Knight and Bob Karr. SE5 / SE5a Squadrons offers WW1 modellers and enthusiasts an unrivalled reference package.

Windsock Datafile 85
Short 184
Author: J.M. BruceShort 184 Windsock Datafile
The enigmatic if somewhat ungainly Short 184 gets the full Datafile treatment as authority Jack Bruce turns the spotlight on the famous First World War British seaplane.

Serving from 1915 right up to the Armistice and beyond with both the RNAS and the RAF the Short 184 claims to have been the first ever aeroplane to torpedo an enemy vessel in action. One aircraft was at Jutland and parts of this aircraft survive to this day at the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton.

The book is liberally illustrates with over 114 photographs, eight pages of 1:48 and 1:72 scale drawings, handbook sketches and five colour plates. Once again this Datafile offers the scale modeller unrivalled reference.

Both SE5 / SE5a Squadrons and Windsock Datafile 85 Short 184 can be ordered from:
Albatros Production Ltd, 10 Long View, Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, HP4 1BY
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SE5 / SE5a Squadrons is priced at £18.50 and Datafile 85 Shorts 184 is £9.25. Both are A4 size.

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