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Ajay Models Announce 20cc Zenoah Engine

Zenoah 20cc Petrol EngineAjay Models of Chesterfield have announced the launch of this new 20cc petrol engine from Zenoah. The engine is suitable for models in the glow engine range .60 – 1.20.

This compact petrol engine makes the reliability and economy of the petrol engine available to the mainstream club modeller.

The ZG20 has a Titanium crankcases to save weight and PCI electronic ignition is fitted to save even more weight and make starting a dream. The ZG20 is lighter than many 1.20 four strokes. This terrific new engine is now available from Ajay Models, see their website for details.

Richard Naylor
Ajay Models
Tel: 01246 857785


Ignition Electronic
Engine Size 20cc
Total Weight: 41.6oz, including muffler, ignition, and mount.
Engine (Only) Weight: 33 oz
Crankshaft Threads: 8x1.25mm
Prop: APC 15 X 6, 9500 rpm.
Prop Range: 14 x 6 through 16 x 6 RPM
Range: 1400 - 10,000 rpm
Fuel: Petrol/Oil mix 32:1

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