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RCXChange launch new website. Do you want to buy and sell your planes and equipment? Owner, Ross Littlejohn tells us more.

Since getting into the hobby I've disliked how cumbersome and awkward it is to find items of interest as it involves joining various groups on FB and it can be difficult and even impossible to filter and search for appropriate listings but unfortunately that's the only place where the real audience is. It's an idea born out of frustration and having the ability to do something better.

The idea was born out of frustration and is intended to be completely free to use and to support the hobby I'm enjoying, hopefully making buying and selling more accessible and appealing for all ages and backgrounds.

The website is mostly complete and fully functional, I have currently invited a fair few folk to present me with feedback and test out all the features of the website and I would like to extend that invitation more publicly, but please understand that a few things may change and you may encounter a few issues.

The way it works is that someone can create an account, post a listing or get in contact with a seller. All communication will primarily be through an instant messaging system within the website though you may optionally add a mobile number to the listing, viewable by registered users only.

I was quite keen on making sure the site doesn't hold any unnecessary information, to that end, the only identifiable information that the site holds and stores on a permanent basis is the user's email address.

Any other information expires when the advert expires and when posting a listing, users need only enter their county or optionally they may put a postcode in. More specific location information will be exchanged privately via the messaging system, which again, also expires.

You can have a look for yourself and explore at

Please mention 'Flying Sites' when contacting