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iPhone Wind Meter App

iPhone Windmeter AppWe have recently received information about a new iPhone application that has recently been launched that detects the wind speed using the iPhone microphone. It’s called “*Wind Meter*”. It's been getting very good reviews of its function, and we thought it might well be a useful tool for aeromodellers!

A complete description and video of the application in use can be found at “Wind Meter” can be obtained at Apple iTunes APP store by searching for “Wind Meter”. This app is designed primarily for G3 iPhones.

The concept for "Wind Meter" came from a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs that happen to love wind sports. The idea for converting the decibel reading from the wind “noise” on the mic to a velocity reading almost seemed obvious after-the-fact, and WindApp were a little surprised that they were the first to release something like this on the market. After a considerable amount of R&D, Wind Meter is a really fun gadget that actually works.

Some RC user quotes:
"I used it a half dozen times, once side by side with anther instrument and it was averaging within 3%. It was plenty accurate for me as a RC Slope pilot."
      ref:  review of Wind Meter app @ Apple I tunes store

"This is a great tool for Golf and for Radio Control airplanes. The Wind Meter is very useful while trying to figure how much club to use. It is much more accurate than throwing grass into the air. I also fly radio controlled airplanes and have found this very useful while flying smaller models. Great addition to my iPhone"
      ref: review of Wind Meter app @ Apple I tunes store

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