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Yak 54 50cc
Global RC the large aerobatic aircraft experts have just announced a special offer; a 50cc Yak 54 for just £275 delivered.  That is a £45 saving!!! If you also need an engine to go with it, a combo with the Area 51 is available at only £520.  This truly represents fantastic value for money!! These are not going to last long at this price, so if you are interested you better be quick!!!

Click HERE for a YouTube video of the Yak 54.

Global RC also have another batch of stock on the way. This will consist of more of the hugely popular 50cc Sukhoi Su26, They tell us that they have already had many enquiries for these!  Plus a new engine size range for Global RC, 26cc.  Initially they have a Sukhoi SU26 and a Extra 260 arriving but more models are due to be added in the coming months.


Extra 260 26cc

  • WING SPAN: 70" (1780mm).
  • LENGTH: 65" (1660mm).
  • WING AREA: 961sq in (58sq dm).
  • WEIGHT: 8.4-9.5lbs(3800-4300g).
  • ENGINE: .90-.120(2C) .120(4C) 20-30cc petrol.
  • PU wheels/Anodised ALU landing gear /C.F tube.

Click HERE for a YouTube video of the Extra 260.


Sukhoi Su26 26cc

  • WING SPAN: 68" (1730mm)
  • LENGTH :65" (1660mm)
  • WING AREA: 961sq in (58sq dm)
  • WEIGHT: 8.6-10lbs (3900-4500g)
  • ENGINE: .90-.120(2C) .120(4C) 20-30cc petrol
  • Airfoil tail/PU wheels/Anodised ALU landing gear /C.F tube.

Click HERE for a YouTube video of the Sukhoi 26.


Sukhoi Electric 56”
(or glow configuration) will also be in the batch.

  • WING SPAN: 56" (1420mm).
  • LENGTH: 53" (1350mm).
  • WING AREA: 650sq in (42sq dm.)
  • FLYING WEIGHT: 4.4-5.3lbs (2000-2400g).
  • PROP: APC14x7-E LI-POLY 4S-5S 3700-5000mAh.
  • ENGINE:.46-.52 2C .52-.82 4C.
  • RADIO: 4CH/5S or 4s 1ESC.

More Features:

  • Light weight construction and high structural strength.
  • Complete with accessories: Ball linkage control system.
  • Easy installation.
  • Low wing loading easy to flying.
  • Excellent aerobatics and 3D performance.
  • Anodised 6061 landing gear.
  • Two pieces removable wings.
  • C.F. wing tube.
  • Aerofoil tail wings.
  • Round fuselage to keep scale.
  • Powered by Electric or Glow.

All the new models are made from of the same high class quality construction as the existing range. If you would like to pre-order then just drop Global RC line.

Global RC also now have their own section on High Alpha, a new aerobatic forum: Use this to ask about any of the models, and if you have used their products they'd welcome your opinion of them on there.  Build threads of the models will be appearing soon.

Global RC's website can be found at:

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