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New Website for 'Leccy' Fans

New Major Motor Supplier
4-Max Website4-Max are pleased to announce the launch of their new website featuring 85 different types of Purple Power brushless motors. All are available to order online via their secure website.

They have over 1,200 motors in stock covering inrunners, outrunners, bell, EDF and helicopter motors. Also stocked is a range of brushless electronic speed controllers from 10A - 70A, along with a 3A UBEC

To complete the line up is a range of 20C rated quality LiPo's which feature a free pair of connectors (male and female) of your choice (2mm, 3.5mm, 4mm and Deans style).

They come standard with the FlightPower/Thunder Power type of balance connector. The majority of the 2S and the 3S packs also come with an adapter to covert the balance lead to JST-XH.

4-Max are also proud to have teamed up with the world renowned prolific designer and builder Tony Nijhuis. They have recommended setups for all of Tony's current designs as well as most of the popular aircraft available today.

The website also features a large "customer's models" section showcasing their models with videos showing their performance.

For a large choice of motors, esc's and LiPo's at affordable prices please visit


Please mention 'Flying Sites' when contacting