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The database including plans from:
Radio Modeller, 1970 to 1994.
RCM&E from 1970 to 2006.
R/C Model World from 2004 to 2006
Flying Scale Models from Dec. 2004 to 2006
Also included are entries from
R/C Scale Aircraft magazine which was published quarterly between 1985 and 1995.

To help in your search a cover image of the relevant RCM&E or R/C Model World,
dating back to March 2001, will also be displayed!
RCM&E March 2001 R/C Model World March 2004RCM&E June 2004
R/C Model World June 2005

The whole database (over 920 records) is searchable for any specified keywords.

The default keyword separator is a comma character. If you want to search a number of keyphrases, you may use either "++" (the OR operator) or "&&" (the AND operator) as your boolean operator.



Our thanks to Dave Smith for compiling the database.

Your search can look under any of the following headings.

Database Field
Example Entry
Designer David Boddington, Keith Humber, Nigel Hawes etc
Model/Plan Name Avro 504K, Fizza etc
Plan Number MW3116 etc.
Type Scale, trainer, glider, sport etc.
Magazine RCM&E, R/C Model World, Radio Modeller.
Wingspan 62" etc.
Engine .40, electric etc.
Date Published May 1980, September 2005 etc
Comments Enlarged version of Vic Smeed classic etc.