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Weston Park 2005 - Mini Report
By Steve Broughton

Weston Park International Model Show 2005.

My day started very early (4am to be exact!), due to the heat in the night.

Anyway, we set off for Weston Park at around 8.15am, arriving an hour later. On arrival, we were greeted with a large dark cloud, which threatened to dump on us. But apart from a few spots of rain…it passed us by. The weather treated us kindly, although it was blindingly HOT!. A bit of light refreshment (cider) from the bar helped, but I could have drank them dry!

The first model to be seen flying was a turbine-powered F-15. As always, I find these models to be some of the most impressive, due to their performance.

A bit later on, something special took to the air, in the shape and sound of a turbine powered Spitfire! Its scale speed was likened to the full-size, and with young Ali (of Al's Hobbies) at the controls…. it was flown perfectly.

Later in the day, Ali also flew a beautiful looking Strikemaster, fitted with a smoke generator. Again, it flew extremely realistically.

Trade did seem to be slightly lower than in previous years, notable absences were that of Puffin Models, and the SLEC marquee. Saying that though, business was being done…and the odd bargain was to be had!

Most of the flying was the usual stuff you see at a show (Aerobatics, 3D, Toffee bombing, Choppers etc..), but a couple of things really enthralled me. Firstly, a 'Bummers Bullet' pylon racer was screaming around the sky at unbelievable speeds (must have been in excess of 130mph?). Secondly, just before the full-size Extra 300 of Denny Dobson was to display, Overlander displayed around 6 leccy models powered with Li-Po cells. These included a hotliner, 3 different sized Tucano's, a couple of 3D's and a very impressive MicroJet that could easily match a good turbine model for vertical performance!

As always, Weston Park proved to be a good show. A decent turn out of models, very capable flying from all, and as always……….very well run.

My "award" for the best paint job MUST go to this Extra………..I bet that took some time! (See picture right).

Sadly, there were a number of model losses on both days, due to one reason or another.

The reason I enjoy Weston Park so much, is its reasonably priced admission, nice relaxed atmosphere, stonking flying and good trade support………'s to 2006!

Make a note of next years show, June 17th & 18th.

More Pictures From Weston Park 2005