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Modellbau Bodensee 2005 & The Zeppelin Museum, Friedrichshaven
By Ray Jones

I have managed over the last few years to visit some model shows in Europe to see how "the other half live" and I have to say I have been duly impressed!

The Dortmund (northern Germany) show takes place in April. The Model Hobby show in Prague (Czech Republic) is at the end of September and the Modellbau Bodensee. This show takes place in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance (Bodensee) at the very southern end of Germany. Friedrichshafen is also the home of the well known Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin, visionary and airship manufacturer.

The Modellbau Bodensee show takes place in November and I must admit I certainly didn't plan a visit this year (2005). However, having chatted to a couple of club mates we decided to give it a try. As we live in North Wales we soon discovered that to fly from Manchester the cost would be around the £250 return! So I decided to check around on the web and quickly learned that we could travel from Stanstead in Southern England and it would only cost around £35 for the round trip! Guess which one we chose!

The trip to Stanstead by car took around three and a half hours but was well worth the saving.

On arrival at Friedrichshafen, the airport had a single runway and was quite small. The model show was simply on an exhibition complex (MESSE) on the opposite side of the airfield, and afree bus was available to transport us to the goodies!

The exhibition centre comprises a series of separate halls with interconnecting indoor corridors, each housing aircraft, railways etc. etc. I have to say that it was very well organised and laid out. It would take me much longer to describe all the contents of this show, but at least you can drool over the pictures!

This show is a three day affair - Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with flying displays outside, on the later two days. It's a short walk from the main exhibition centre to the flight line, passing a massive Zeppelin hangar. The hangar is currently housing two modern airships. But believe me the trip to the model flight line is well worth while as the standard of flying is second to none!

Friedrichshafen town is on the edge of Lake Constance with ferries regularly going over to Switzerland, just a few miles across the lake. Friedrichshafen is also home of the Zeppelin Museum. This of course, we had to visit! It was well worth a "look in". Check it out on their website.

We travelled with Ryanair and we had no trouble bringing back the large boxes, which contained Christmas presents for our wives (honest!).

We left on the Sunday and I can say I was truly impressed. If anyone wants further information I am happy to help, and one thing is for sure, a visit next year is a must!
Regards to all,
Ray Jones


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Zeppelin Museum, Friedrichshaven