Vintage R/C Society Reunion, Florida

4th Annual Hal deBolt Reunion, Spring Hill Florida
By Lyman Slack

The Vintage R/C Society event in Florida started four years ago as a tribute to one of the innovated pioneers of R/C -- Harold "Pappy" deBolt. Many remember him as an avid RCer with his series of "Live Wire" models kitted by his company named DMECO.

My personal remembrances of Pappy go much further back than that and to my days of flying control line speed and stunt. Even then (late 40s ~ early 50s) Hal was a master of innovations and a fierce competitor with his collections of "Speed Wagons" and "Stunt Wagons." There was never a problem of pointing him out -- he always had a corncob pipe in his mouth (and still does). Hal has long retired from upstate NY and has moved to Sun City, Florida. He now concentrates on R/C Autogyros.

The event has expanded to four days now; the first two being strictly for autogyros; the last two for vintage R/C models (those designed prior to 1970) and older free flight models converted to R/C. Though mostly a casual Fly-In, if a flyer wishes he can call for judges; fly, and get scored performing early pattern schedules appropriate for "Rudder Only", "Three-Channel", and "Full House."

Additionally, deBolt designed models are judged. Your author was fortunate enough to win "Best deBolt Model" two years in a row with a "Custom Live Wire" biplane powered with a Laser .70.

The rotor-wing gents had the best weather this year, with severe winds hampering the vintage portion one day. How severe? Have you ever seen a virtual cloud of yellow pine tree pollen crossing the end of a model field horizontally?

Article & Photographs Contributed by
Lyman Slack
Gyro Photography by
'Red' Scholefield

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