Top F3F Flyers Meet In South Wales


Welsh Open F3F Competition - 6th October 2002
By Flying Sites Editor
Peter Dennis

This year's F3F Welsh Open actually took place in Wales! Last year's event had to be moved to the Foot & Mouth free Isle of Wight. But this year the event has made a welcome return to its natural home on the Bwlch mountains high above Bridgend, in south Wales.

The event suffered with mixed weather condition, with light breezes and passing thermals. So no blistering times were recorded this year. Saturday's 5 rounds were completed before the traditional Saturday night's drinking began in the popular Bridgend haunt at the Haywain.

Sunday's weather was no better with conditions at almost a stand still before lunch. This was probably a good thing as some of the competitors were nursing large hangovers!

Only one complete round was recorded on Sunday, as conditions varied and the legal requirements of 3 metres per second wind strength came and went!

In the end a result was declared at 4 o'clock and top honours went to the foreign visitors! Top three results can be found below.


F3F Welsh Open- Results
1st Pierre Rondel
2nd Espen Torp
3rd Olivier Bordes

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