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Top Gun U.K. - Westonzoyland, Somerset
By Flying Sites Editor
Peter Dennis

Top Gun UK was held over the weekend of 29th -30th of June 2002 and hosted by the Sedgemoor Radio Model Flying Club on their former RAF runway, at Westonzoyland in Somerset.

The competition is now more low key than in former years. With commercial entries and less and less flying for each competitor, it was felt by the club that they wanted the event to become more of a 'Fly In' than a competition. And it seems to have worked! No less than 28 entries were received and a friendly atmosphere is now very obvious as you walk down the pit area. There was hardly a moment when there was not a model in the air and everyone was enjoying their flying.

The entries, as one would expect theses days, where mainly turbine powered, although a couple of ducted fan models did make an appearance. Most popular models where the 'Kangaroo' and the 'Hot Spot'. Several scale models where also dotted up the pit lane.

You can find the results of the informal competitions at the bottom of the page. Please click on any of the thumbnail images below for an enlarged version.

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Top Gun U.K. 2002 - Results
Craftsmanship (Philip Knowles Trophy)
1st Ian Russell F15
2nd Darren Edwards Hotspot
3rd Jason Fletcher Maverick
Best Military Finish (Telstar Trophy)
  Jeremy McMillan F15
Best Sports Finish (RC Modeller Trophy)
  Darren Edwards Hotspot
Best Original Model (Techno-Weld Trophy)
  Not awarded No new original models present.
Best Scale Flight (RCJI Cup)
  Alan Bosworth Tornado

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Many thanks to
The Sedgemoor Radio Model Flying Club &
Duncan Macgregor

Written & Photographed by
Peter Dennis
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