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The best and most enjoyable way to learn to fly radio controlled model aircraft is by joining a club. To find your nearest R/C Model Flying Club search our Club Finder, first by County or Area using the drop down menu below. From there you will see a list of clubs in your area. For more information on each club select the details button for the club that interests you.

Please Note: Before visiting any of the flying sites listed here, you should first make contact with the local flyers and establish their ground rules. Discussions that could be taking place with a number of local and national bodies means that access to certain sites may be under review and inappropriate use could jeopardise the negotiations and ultimately the site!

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Abbreviation Used in Listings:
RC FW = Radio Control Fixed Wing.
Heli = Radio Control Helicopters.
Sil = Radio Control Silent (Elec or Gliders).
CL = Control Line.
FF = Free Flight.
INDr = Indoor (RC or FF)